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Welcome to nova esthetics!

First, I want to say thank you for taking an interest in getting to know me :)

I’ve been living in Tampa Bay since 2019 and absolutely love it here!

I started my journey as an esthetician almost 20 years ago, while living in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty industry and forms of self care since I can remember. In 2005 I graduated esthetics school in Cali and decided to make the move back to New England (where I’m originally from) to start my new career. From then on, I have worked in every possible esthetic environment you can think of; from fancy day spas, to lash studios, plastic surgeons offices, med spas, and holistic clinics. 

Over several years, I drew from all of my many different experiences in the esthetics field and developed my own set of beliefs on skin health and beauty. I combine a holistic approach in skincare and overall wellness of the skin while implementing the technology of results-driven procedures. 

Along with my passion for skin, I love creating beautiful and elegant looking lash extensions. Lashing has been a big part of my career over the last 7 years and I never get tired of the amazing transformation that takes place after completing a full set of lashes. I started nova esthetics to be able to offer my clients a variety of services that I stand behind 100 percent! Any treatment offered at my studio is one that I’ve personally performed numerous times and has met my stamp of approval ;) I strive to always be learning and growing as a person, to be able to share and connect with each and every client before me on my table.

I look forward to meeting you!

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